Our 2016 film!

Thanks to our friends at the charity 'Send a Cow', we've got loads of lesson ideas!

There's a lot in here so teachers and group leaders can hopefully develop strong lesson plans. 

Lesson ideas!


Introduction to our project:

365 days a year The ARCHIE Foundation supports children in the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital. 1 day a year we ask those children to support our twin hospital in Uganda.

Follow this link to learn the story of the first ARCHIE in Africa Day and how you can still make a life saving difference for children in Uganda by taking part in our ARCHIE in Africa 2016 events. 

Thank you for making such a huge difference. 

The story so far...

There are 18million children in Uganda and in 2015 we opened their first dedicated children's operating theatre. Learn more about that journey, and what you can do to help, in our new 2016 film. Click on the link below to access a downloadable version for your class.  

ARCHIE in Africa Day​​


Part 1 of our interview with Dr John Sekabira

Let's make a difference!

We've got some great ideas here or you might have your own. Whatever you do, do something and make a huge difference for children in Uganda. 

Thank you!

With the huge support we received on ARCHIE in Africa Day 2015 we were able to open the first ever Children's Operating Theatre and Ward in Uganda! By the end of the year nearly 500 children had had life saving operations as a result...